So we all have STUFF just sitting around we don't use any more, right?

Well here's your chance to list all the gear you no longer need and make some extra cash. The cool part is, it only costs you one buck, per item, to list on the site (unless you have a car or house to sell-then it's a little more). No hidden fees, no valuation fees, etc. Just $1.

You may be thinking to yourself, "How is this site any different than the others?" Glad you asked. We want to help support your school. We do that by donating 10% of the listing fee back to your college or university of choice. And organizing your stuff by campus will let you find someone local to buy your stuff- eliminating all that shipping hassle.

Plus, if your campus group ever wants to raise money for something, you can pool all your stuff into a specific area, then let your friends know to shop there and support your cause. Make sense?

So, that's it. We hope you'll enjoy our site and make lots of money. Check out all your friends stuff too.

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