School Sales

No one loves their school like you!

A part of the core mission of is to allow students, teachers, alumni and fans the chance to buy and sell products and services, while supporting their favorite school. We give 10% of all product listing fees to whatever school you would like to support. Around here we like to call it 1st & 10! The first 10% of your listing fee will go back to the school you pick.

How do I add my school to your site?

First things first, sign up here. Already signed up? Then login here. Once you're logged in, then you can take a look at the School Directory. Don't see your school? Click on the add your school button. Fill out the form with the right stuff and click submit. Your school should be listed within 48-72 hours. If we can't verify your school, will decide where the 1st & 10 will go.

How do I pick the school I'd like to support with the 1st & 10?

When you sign up as a seller you will see in your Account Info area of My CGS:

Choose the school you would like to support.

If your college or university is part of our database you will be able to select your school from the list. If they are NOT LISTED, then you will have the option to add them. (see above)

Once you've picked your school, then it will be kept on file as the school you would like to receive your 10% (from your listing fees) until you change it.

Can I change my 1st & 10 school at anytime?

Yes! Whenever you are signed in on you will see "Hello, [your user name]!" on the top right hand side of the homepage. Look just to the right, and you'll see a link to Sign out and My CGS- if you click on My CGS you'll be redirected to your purchase history. On the right hand side you'll see an "Account Info" link. Click on Account Info and that's where you can change the 1st & 10 school.

Don't want to pick a school? Then it's's policy to pick where the 1st & 10 money goes.

How will the college or university get their money?

Once a college or university has reached the $100.00 amount through the 1st & 10 campaign, we'll send them a check. will deduct postal charges from the amount owed to the school.

Can my campus organization use

You bet & it's free! Our garage sale feature is a great way to raise money for your campus group or organization.

We don't live in the 80's anymore! No more dusty boxes! No more early wake up calls to go set up a garage sale! Make money while you sleep! gives you the chance to sell to people all over the world without worrying about the location or your garage sale being rained out. The best part of all, it's FREE. Garage Sale items won't be charged a listing fee, and your organization will get 100% of the money!

Your garage sale can stay online for a week, a month, or even a year.

Say goodbye to dusty boxes, early Saturday mornings & aching backs. Everything can be done from your smartphone, tablet or computer!